Mens Hairstyles Summer 2013

Men enjoy summer due to easy and carefree styling. They used to spend most of the time in outdoor activities. It is why they need a suitable hairstyle that can is comfortable for their busy lifestyle. Mens hairstyles summer 2013 are created for such guys. These hairstyles require a haircut from a professional hair stylist. Let’s begin with discussion of few easy and simple haircuts that lead to creation of mens hairstyles summer 2013.

Buzz cut

It is one of the popular haircuts for men that are perfect for summer. Justin Timberlake was the first person who introduced and made this hairstyle popular among men. This haircut can be simply styled without using any hair products. Men need to comb hair for styling. This haircut features short hair hence keeping men comfortable and cool.

mens hairstyles summer 2013  mens hairstyles summer 2013

Crew cut
A crew cut does not require extra styling efforts. It is a short haircut that gives mens hairstyles summer 2013. This haircut features short hair at the back and sides and front hair is longer. The top hair should not be longer than two inches. Gel or mousse can be used to keep the top hair last for longer.

Modern or emo cut

This haircut also gives many mens hairstyles summer 2013. It is an asymmetrical haircut that has been sported by rock stars and singers. The modern haircut is also known as emo cut. The emo hairstyles require bangs and fringes of longer length. These bangs can be kept straight or pushed on the side. Moreover, emo hairstyles need bright colors for bangs.

Messy or bedhead hairstyle

Mens hairstyles summer 2013 also feature bedhead and messy hair. This hairstyle was styled by Brad Pitt for the first time. It is a versatile hairstyle that needs pomade for styling. No other hair product is required for styling this haircut. A messy hairstyle can be styled with all hair lengths. The hair is divided into sections for easy styling.

mens hairstyles summer 2013 mens hairstyles summer 2013

Vibrant hair color

A vibrant hair color for mens hairstyles summer 2013 give cool styles. There are diverse methods of getting a new color. The techniques of lowlights, highlights and streaks are popular among men. Many men like to get fully bleached blonde color. It is not necessary to get a new haircut to wear mens hairstyles summer 2013. All you need to do is to get a new color.

Layered hairstyle

Mens hairstyles summer 2013 feature long layered haircuts. Men need long hair to get this haircut. A layered hairstyle enhances natural texture of hair. Fine hair works best with this type of haircut. Styling gel is required to settle the layers in desired position around the face.