Hairstyles summer 2013 women

Short hairstyles are appropriate for summer because they give carefree and casual looks. Bob cut is one of hairstyles summer 2013 women that was initially featured in 1920s. It is a versatile haircut that has been modified through ages. The bob cut is stylish and give fresh appearance to women. Bob hairstyles summer 2013 women have been evolved with time and some of the latest types of bob hairstyles include Inverted bob cut .

hairstyles summer 2013 women hairstyles summer 2013 women

It is a short haircut that falls below ears and looks elegant and offer versatile styling. This hairstyle suits all facial shapes, hair texture and age group. An inverted bob is tapered at neck and becomes longer at the front. Hairstyles summer 2013 women with bob can be cut with layers for volume and fullness. An inverted bob with layers can be cut with a razor to get edgy and choppy hairstyle. Pomade is used to define the texture of layers.

Layered bob cut

Hairstyles summer 2013 women have many variations for bob cut. A layered bob is another comfortable hairstyle of summer that is slightly different from classic bob. Layers of medium length are added to bob cut for additional movement, flair and shape. These layers also make the overall length of hair look longer. Hairstyles summer 2013 women with long bob can be pinned up after curling the ends. A layered bob gives many casual hairstyles and needs less maintenance.

Asymmetrical bob cut

It is an evolved type of bob cut that gives funky hairstyles summer 2013 women. This hairstyle features longer hair on one side and short hair on the back. The haircut does not have even cuts hence giving it an asymmetrical look. In fact, an asymmetrical bob is angled towards face and looks like an inverted bob to some extent. It has choppy ends to define the ends. This haircut must be styled with straight hair to show off edgy and choppy pieces. Victoria Beckham and Rihanna have been wearing this trendy hairstyle.

Graduated bob cut

hairstyles-summer-2013-women-3 hairstyles-summer-2013-women

Hairstyles summer 2013 women include a graduated bob cut that is short and suits all hair types. This type of bob cut gives a stacked look due to gradual layers. These layers are long at the front and short at the back. Gradual layered bob boost up the volume of hair and make it perfect for oval and round faces.

Sleek bob cut

A sleek bob is short and simple but beautifully styled. This bob cut includes subtle layers with even length. This haircut is worn after washing the hair. Women with oval and heart shape faces are suitable candidates of wearing sleek bob hairstyle. Usually, women with straight hair must wear sleek bob to flatter the facial shape and hair texture.